Who We Are

The Musicians of the Binghamton Philharmonic proudly serve our community and our institution by a continued commitment of artistic excellence to each performance we give.  We dedicate ourselves to bringing the gift of live classical music to our community, both within the concert hall and without.  We thrill to work together to produce the great masterworks onstage in our subscription series and find great fulfillment in working with young people in educational outreach programs throughout the community.

As stewards of a more than 65-year legacy, we feel a strong sense of commitment to continuing the artistic excellence and professionalism of this fine orchestra.  Together with immediate past Music Director José-Luis Novo, we have seen a continued commitment to excellence in performance and have brought many masterworks and innovative new works to the stage, including a world premiere.  Our 71 musicians have won positions via competitive blind auditions and come from as far away as Pittsburgh, New York City and Cincinnati, or as close as the City of Binghamton.

We recognize the interest and generosity of so many people in our community who support the orchestra, attend our concerts and donate generously.  You, our friends and patrons, are our reason for being.  We thank you for your commitment and look forward to continuing to bring you great music for many, many years to come.



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