Union Still in Mediation with Binghamton Philharmonic

AUGUST 20, 2015
CONTACT: Sarah Chandler, President, Binghamton Local 380, AFM
Acting Principal Clarinet, Binghamton Philharmonic

Union Still in Mediation with Binghamton Philharmonic

Binghamton, NY – Binghamton Local 380, American Federation of Musicians announced to the media that it is still in mediation with the Binghamton Philharmonic (BPO) and that the musicians are not on strike. “I’ve seen headlines that read ‘contract dispute cancels opening concert,’ said Sarah Chandler, President of Local 380 and a clarinetist in the orchestra. “I want to be perfectly clear that it was not a ‘labor dispute’ that cancelled this concert, it was the leadership of the BPO. The musicians were and are ready and eager to perform for the people of Binghamton. But the BPO unilaterally chose this destructive course of action. As far as the musicians and the union are concerned, the parties are still bargaining, still working with a federal mediator and still hopeful that we will soon reach agreement on a new contract.”

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